Church, Technology and Goodmanson Friday, Mar 23 2007 

I met Drew Goodmanson last spring at the Reform and Resurge Conference at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He is a great guy with an awesome heart for missions and the furthering of the Gospel. Drew went to Mars Hill Church years ago when it was just a small church. Since then he has moved to San Diego to help plant Kaleo Church, a growing movement where he is now is a pastor and elder. Drew’s specialty is with technology, especially the Internet. He has done a huge amount of work for churches through leading a company called Monk Development. This company has created “several church apps such as Ekklesia 360, a web-based Church CMS and Sermon Cloud a web 2.0 sermon site,” as well as creating websites for numerous churches. For anyone interested in the church, technology, and how to use one (technology) to serve the other (the church) check out Drew’s blog where there is enough information to keep you busy for weeks (at least.) And if your church needs a website, give him a call and I am sure he will be helpful in creating a site far beyond what you could imagine.


Matt Chander, pastor of the Village Church – Family Traits 2.0 Monday, Mar 19 2007 

Matt Chandler, the pastor (who I love) of the Village Church in Highland, Texas is preaching through what their church has called Family Traits. They did this series a couple of years ago and have come back to it a second time to solidify their church once again around those things which they are closest and most important to their church as a family. Matt is an amazing preacher with depth that I have heard in very few others, never mind the fact that he is so young. He exalts Jesus, condemns sin, and encourages true life. I would encourage everyone to subscribe to this podcast, it is available at

Some quotes from Pastor Chandler from the third sermon in this series, Christian Spirituality:

“The church begins to boast in what is not ours to boast in. The truth of the Gospel, if it is anything else is this it is not about you…If it was a movie we have a seven second role in it…we are not they story, the story is the redemption and restoration of the world.”

“My call as a believer in Christ is not to built a coffee house in the church and tell everyone they should come to it, but rather to walk outside of these walls and be in coffee houses around town.”

Tim Keller Resources Monday, Mar 12 2007 

thebigcity.jpgI just saw that Kevin Cawley has posted that there are new Tim Keller resources available online. Tim Keller is an authority for anyone with a passion for seeing the church grow in size and influence in the United States and the world. In the Winter 2007 Cutting Edge Pastor Keller answers questions about cities, culture, Jesus, and the impact of the church, especially in the cities.

Free Music Friday, Sep 1 2006 

Hey Guys –

I just thought I would let you know Derek Webb, a great musician, just released his album Mockingbird for free. Download the album free at

*Just a disclaimer, I surely do agree with everything he is saying but he does produce some great music.