My wife and I just returned from a wonderful weekend. We drove to Amish country, visited Gettysburg, biked all over the nation’s capitol, and had a nice dinner in Annapolis. We decided that with all of the time in the car we were going to download a few audiobooks to our ipods. We thought it was a great way to redeem the time we were going to be in the car driving.


One of the books we recently downloaded was Not For Sale, a book about the current state of slavery in the world today and the effort being made to end all slavery around the world. This book by David Batstone was amazing. It brought to light so much about this terrible reality of modern day slavery that my wife and I had never even known about until we listened to the book. Not For Sale walks through story after story of slavery that is taking place today in places like Cambodia, India, Peru, and even in our own backyards in places like San Francisco and Virginia. The reality of the global slave trade is almost unbelievable. With the knowledge of it, my wife and I are now determined to become abolitionists. I greatly encourage everyone to read or listen to Not For Sale.




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