Rick Warren, Jon Meacham and Tim Russert: History, Christianity, and the United States Wednesday, Apr 18 2007 

Here is a great interview with Rick Warren and Jon Meacham done by Tim Russert on Meet the Press. It addresses Christianity in America, in history and in the world today.

MTP Transcript for Dec. 24
Rick Warren, Jon Meacham
Updated: 1:17 p.m. CT Dec 24, 2006
MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Christmas Eve morning: faith in America. Can religion unite the country for the greater good? And what role will God and values play in the 2008 presidential election? With us, the pastor of one of America’s largest churches and author of the best-selling hard-cover book in U.S. history, “The Purpose Driven Life,” Dr. Rick Warren; and the editor of Newsweek magazine and author of “American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation,” Jon Meacham. Then, two MEET THE PRESS holiday traditions, our MEET THE PRESS MINUTE from Christmas Day 51 years ago with poet Robert Frost and a special performance by the U.S. Navy Band Brass Quartet.
But first, we are joined by Pastor Rick Warren and Jon Meacham. Welcome both, Merry Christmas.
DR. RICK WARREN: Thank you, Tim. Merry Christmas to you.
MR. RUSSERT: Jon Meacham, let me start with you. Ninety-five percent of Americans say they believe in God. (more…)


The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom Tuesday, Mar 6 2007 

10631067.gifI just finished reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It is a very well written and powerful first hand account of the torture that Jews and non-Jews alike had to live through in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany during World War II. Corrie and her family were Christians in Holland who had always been ministers of Christ’s love to those around them. They continually opened their home to the poor and needy, at times having as many as eight orphans living with them at once. This love did not change when Nazi Germany took over and occupied Holland in 1940. At the risk of her life, Corrie began work in the underground system helping to move hundreds of Jews from the city to safe houses around the entire country. Eventually Corrie and her family were caught and they were sent to concentration camps. In this book Corrie recounts the tremendous horror that took place in those camps as well as the continually faithfulness of God to preserve and protect her and her sister Betsy.
One specific occasion Corrie wrote about that really impacted me was when she and her sister, Betsy, were at a concentration camp in Germany. They were standing outside, nearly naked, in the middle of the winter. Unclothed and freezing, the thousands of prisoners were standing in line waiting for their name to be called during the 4:30 AM roll call that happened every morning. While they were standing in line, women were literally collapsing from the lack of food, clothing, and extreme winter weather’s impact on their bodies. As if that was not enough, they were also pushed around and beaten by the guards who treated them worse than animals. Standing there, sick and freezing, Betsy said to Corrie that they needed to pray for these poor and sick women. Corrie said she agreed. It wasn’t until later that day that Corrie learned her sister was speaking of the prison guards who were torturing them. Corrie marveled that the amazing grace God had given her sister to love the very people who eventually killed her.
This book is an important book for Christians to read. The Hiding Place is a picture of Christians living out their faith in the most extreme of circumstances and God’s faithfulness through it all.

Martin Luther on sin and temptation Tuesday, Mar 6 2007 

Michael Foster posted this great quote from Martin Luther…

Luther said it well, “Do not suppose that abuses are eliminated by destroying the object which is abused. Men can go wrong with wine and women. Shall we prohibit and abolish women? The sun, moon, and stars have been worshipped. Shall we pluck them out of the sky.”

City on a Hill Friday, Aug 11 2006 

In 1630 John Winthrop, the Governor of Boston (then Mass Bay Colony), preached the famous sermon, “A Modell of Christian Charity,” to the Puritan colonists who were living in Massachusetts Bay Colony. These words spoken almost 400 years ago ring as true today as they ever have.

For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. So that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken … we shall be made a story and a by-word throughout the world. We shall open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of God … We shall shame the faces of many of God’s worthy servants, and cause their prayers to be turned into curses upon us til we be consumed out of the good land whither we are going.

Matthew 5:14, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”