Today I enjoyed the opportunity (as example of tip1 in action) to attend chapel at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. President Dr. James Emery White spoke on how so many people get it all wrong, specifically in regard to grace and its chief enemy legalism. He said that legalism is deeply entrenched in the cultural fabric of America. People feel that they need to get their lives in line before they can have a relationship with God. This is the lie of legalism; we need to be good before we can come to God. The truth is we heed Jesus’ call “come unto me” then he transforms us from the inside out. In addition to legalism being a lie it is also a lure. Legalism can be a lure for those who are already Christ followers because it gives them something concrete, a list they can check off, a goal they can obtain instead of living in the mystery of living in the Spirit. As Christians we need to proclaim the lie of legalism while also being sure to avoid the lure it can be. All the while looking unto the grace given to us in Christ Jesus.
Titus 3:1-11

Grace is at the heart of loving God and loving people. –Dr. White