I am a graduate of Gordon College in Wenham, MA who is currently taking classes at Liberty University. I spent a year studying at Maryland Bible College and Seminary prior to transferring to Gordon. I am now working in finance. Philosophy has become an area of great interest for me because so many people go through the motions of life, taking the next step without thinking about why they are taking it or where it might lead them. Friends, faith, sports, fishing, skiing, and scuba diving are hobbies that I love. I also enjoy reading on a wide range of topics, specifically of interest are theology, economics, biographical studies, philosophy, and history. It is my desire to learn well in order to live well. Life is an opportunity for redemption, personal redemption in our own lives, but also redemption of those we life with, the cities we dwell in, and the circles we travel in. I have a great hope that God has a plan to restore shalom in this world he created.

Currently I am working with the young people at Chapel of the Cross through their student ministries. I am also actively supporting missions in different ways. I continue to pray for the city of Boston, a prayer that has been on my heart for years is to see redemption in this city that once upon a time was founded to be the city on a hill, a light to the lost. That is what this blog is named after – John Winthrop’s vision which he spoke of on the ship named Arbella before just before landing ashore, “For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill.”