One of the main reasons that my wife and I chose to listen to Dr. David Batstone’s book Not For Sale during our road trip was that we just heard him give the commencement address at Gordon College last weekend. As you know, I graduated from Gordon College two years ago. Many of our best friends from college were graduating this year so we went to visit and encourage them in this great time of celebration. Dr. Batstone, Professor at the University of San Fransisco, gave the commencement address. He encouraged students that while others might be telling them that this is the worst possible time to graduate because the economy is bad, the reality is that a difficult economy opens up the opportunity for a Christian with a deep liberal arts education to do great things because there are great needs in the world today.


Here are some of my notes from his address:

-Think about who got you to where you are. Who assisted or encouraged you? What decisions made the difference?

-What does it mean to be a human being with value?

-You do not need to find your vocation, your calling. God will call you.

-Do you see what you have been given in this life as a gift? Do you see it as something for you to give others?

-Today business success is measured solely by the bottom line, profit. We need to moved towards an economy where profit is not the only motivation, but doing good is part of the equation

-Create a cause that people can believe in, ie. Hanna Anderson clothes

-Be the Generation known for Justice, be Generation J


You can access the address (and entire commencement) at the Gordon iTunes page and through the Gordon College website.