Everything I have read about Kevin DeYoung has impressed me. He seems like a stand out guy with a great heart and sharp mind who lives a life after God. Because of this I read Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be. Surprisingly, this book challenged me. I never labeled myself as anything close to emergent. I believe in Jesus as the one and only way to salvation. I believe in a literal death and resurrection for the atonement of my sins. I believe in absolute truth and I believe the Bible is the word of God. Given all of these beliefs as a backdrop, I did attended Gordon College, read Blue Like Jazz, and listened to Rob Bell’s sermons. I didn’t read the books and listen to the sermons because I thought they were orthodox Christian, my reasoning was that Donald Miller did share interesting thoughts along with his heresy and Rob Bell’s connection between the Old Testament and New was something I had never heard before. While I didn’t agree with much of what I received, I received it none the less. Reading Why We’re Not Emergent, brought to light some of the areas in my life that this emergent theology started to seep in and take root. DeYoung’s clear declaration of the Gospel was refreshing. It was like a wiping the bathroom mirror clear of the stream that had fogged my view. I will go into some specifics later, but for now I give this book a must read for Christians who are in contact with the new emergent theology in their lives. I think this includes all college students, many church planters, and probably all who live in left leaning cities like Boston where I live.