It is absolutely heart breaking to read the following notes by Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

As Christians, it is so important we realize the facts of what is being done in Washington because much of these facts have flown beneath the radar. The pro-abortion groups glibly show their exuberance, we should not be ignorant. Nancy Keenan’s remarks:

As the political leader of the pro-choice movement, NARAL Pro-Choice America will mark this milestone as yet another reminder of how electing leaders who support the fundamental American values of freedom and privacy does make a difference in the lives of women and their families…When the topic turns to women’s reproductive freedom and choice, we want you to be prepared to share the following signs of change:

• President Obama rescinded the global gag rule, the Bush administration policy that canceled U.S. family-planning funds to many overseas health centers and denied the world’s poorest women access to birth control. (January 23)

• President Obama re-funded the U.N. family-planning program, UNFPA, which President Bush had de-funded for seven years straight. Obama also signed legislation into law boosting UNFPA funding to a record $50 million. (January 23 and March 11)

• President Obama signaled his commitment to medically accurate sex education by including it in his first-ever budget outline. (February 26)

• President Obama announced his intention to repeal the controversial, last-minute Bush policy known as the Federal Refusal Rule. The regulation could have allowed entire health-care corporations to refuse to provide medical services – including, potentially, birth control. (February 27)

• President Obama signed legislation into law fixing the birth-control price crisis at college health centers and safety-net provider clinics across the country. (As a senator, Obama authored this legislation.) (March 11)

• President Obama signed legislation increasing family-planning funding for American women by $7 million, and cutting the failed “abstinence-only” programs by $14 million. (March 11)

• President Obama signed legislation increasing international family-planning funding at the USAID by more than $30 million. (March 11)

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