Gordon College commencement address – David Batstone Friday, May 29 2009 

One of the main reasons that my wife and I chose to listen to Dr. David Batstone’s book Not For Sale during our road trip was that we just heard him give the commencement address at Gordon College last weekend. As you know, I graduated from Gordon College two years ago. Many of our best friends from college were graduating this year so we went to visit and encourage them in this great time of celebration. Dr. Batstone, Professor at the University of San Fransisco, gave the commencement address. He encouraged students that while others might be telling them that this is the worst possible time to graduate because the economy is bad, the reality is that a difficult economy opens up the opportunity for a Christian with a deep liberal arts education to do great things because there are great needs in the world today.


Here are some of my notes from his address:

-Think about who got you to where you are. Who assisted or encouraged you? What decisions made the difference?

-What does it mean to be a human being with value?

-You do not need to find your vocation, your calling. God will call you.

-Do you see what you have been given in this life as a gift? Do you see it as something for you to give others?

-Today business success is measured solely by the bottom line, profit. We need to moved towards an economy where profit is not the only motivation, but doing good is part of the equation

-Create a cause that people can believe in, ie. Hanna Anderson clothes

-Be the Generation known for Justice, be Generation J


You can access the address (and entire commencement) at the Gordon iTunes page and through the Gordon College website.


Not For Sale – David Batstone Friday, May 29 2009 

My wife and I just returned from a wonderful weekend. We drove to Amish country, visited Gettysburg, biked all over the nation’s capitol, and had a nice dinner in Annapolis. We decided that with all of the time in the car we were going to download a few audiobooks to our ipods. We thought it was a great way to redeem the time we were going to be in the car driving.


One of the books we recently downloaded was Not For Sale, a book about the current state of slavery in the world today and the effort being made to end all slavery around the world. This book by David Batstone was amazing. It brought to light so much about this terrible reality of modern day slavery that my wife and I had never even known about until we listened to the book. Not For Sale walks through story after story of slavery that is taking place today in places like Cambodia, India, Peru, and even in our own backyards in places like San Francisco and Virginia. The reality of the global slave trade is almost unbelievable. With the knowledge of it, my wife and I are now determined to become abolitionists. I greatly encourage everyone to read or listen to Not For Sale.




Not For Sale Campagain

Hero – Fred Stoeker & Jason Stoeker with contributions by Mike Yorkey Friday, May 22 2009 

HERO by Fred Stoeker & Jason Stoeker with contributions by Mike Yorkey

As a young man I felt like most relationship books were a waste of time. They were so bland and boring, unhelpful for a young man seeking to honor God in his life and relationships then my friend gave me Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, and Mike Yorkey. This book was the first book about relationships that really dug deep. It spoke to the real questions and issues I had in wrestling with my faith and how to engage with girls. I recommend this book to every man, married or not.
Hero is the latest book from Fred Stoeker. In this book he brings in his son, Jason, to share about his battle and his victory over sexual temptation. As a recently married young man in my twenties this book wasn’t exactly written to me, however it was just a year ago that I was fighting the same battle that his book is about. More appropriately, many of my friends and family are in the high school and college years. They are dating, engaged, and single, but are all looking forward to that day when they will marry their love. I could not help but think of friend after friend after friend as I was reading this book. I heartily recommended it to all of them! I also shared with the young men I work with in the youth group at our church that this book stands apart as the best book I have read on relationships that specifically deals with the male portion of the relationship.
For any man who is a relationship or will be in a relationship – Read this book! It will not only give you insight into the whys and hows of relationships, but it also tell’s Jason’s story, a story of victory.

One review that I complete agree with said, “Hero is the perfect resource for any male striving to be the relational man God’s calling him to be as well as one anyone who wants to be an encourage to the men in their lives. Fred Stoeker, co-author of the Every Man’s Battle series, elaborates on the struggles men face in the world today, and what exactly they can do about. While explaining what God says about these issues, Fred, along with co-author Jason Stoeker and contributions from Mike Yorkey, get real with readers. Hero offers hard-hitting truth about what makes an ultimate hero to women—men who stand by their convictions and make their world a better place.”

We will be giving away one copy of HERO~ to enter send an email to COAHchurch@gmail.com. The drawing will take place on Friday May 29th.

Friday, May 22 2009 

HERO by Fred Stoeker & Jason Stoeker with contributions by Mike Yorkey

From the book HERO:

Summary:  You already know it’s not easy being a single man in this culture today. But it is easy to be overwhelmed, to feel helpless and hopeless about living by God’s high standards for singles. It’s easy to cave in to the pressures of this sex-soaked world and accept defeat—blaming the media, the culture, even girlfriends who don’t know how tough it can be.

But many men have read books like Every Young Man’s Battle and Tactics and have committed themselves to stand strong and pure in the power of God, and to go on the offensive against the onslaught of negative stereotypes. Some have suffered. Some have fallen. But many have experienced victory—and you can be among them.

What makes those committed men so desirable to women? Be Her Hero is their motto. From best-selling author Fred Stoeker, along with his son Jasen, come the straightforward insight and real-life examples you’re looking for to help you take personal purity to its logical conclusion. Here’s straight truth with irrefutable evidence of what makes an ultimate hero to women who long for men of faith—men who stand by their convictions and make their world a safer and better place.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Book Sale – $1,$2, and $3 – ENDS TODAY! Friday, May 8 2009 

The 1,2,3 Dollar Sale!


For one week only (May 1st through May 8th), Canon Press is hosting this very special sale.

We are offering over 50 of our titles—both old and new—for a mere $1, $2, or $3 a piece. Quantities are limited, so don’t be surprised when titles disappear quickly. Once these books are gone, you may not get another chance to grab them.

Why this sale, and why now? We have several new books that we’d like to publish within the next year. But before we can do that, we need to make more room on our shelves and in our warehouses. We also need to save up some more so that we can afford to put these new books into your hands!

Please tell your friends about this sale: we really, really, really need this to be big. Forward them our email postcard. Blog about it. A lot. You have our permission to be a pest.

Mother’s Day – Send Flowers with a Purpose! Thursday, May 7 2009 

OurGift.com is a floral gift provider that was established for the sole purpose of raising funds for charity. Founded in 1994 by Craig Wambolt, a Boston-area philanthropist and florist, OurGift.com provides cash donations to selected charities from the proceeds of each purchase of wire service flowers or gifts. OurGift.com is the perfect solution for anyone who would like to send beautiful floral bouquets or gifts to loved ones or associates while simultaneously benefiting worthy charitable organizations – at no additional cost to you! A 10% portion of your purchase price will be donated via Ourgift.com to the charity of you choice from our list.

Ourgift.com processes your order based on a selection of standard offerings and pricing from Teleflora and FTD – two of the leading international floral wire services. Your order is delivered by one of 22,000 network-approved local florists.

A Special 2nd Card Message

Along with the standard card that accompanies your gift, an additional card is included that indicates that a part of the purchase price was donated to a charity on the recipients behalf. So, your gift gives twice with “Ourgift” added on.

Ourgift.com is the flower company that cares, because with OurGift you’re not just sending flowers, you’re sending a message of hope.

email customerservice@frugalflower.com
or call: 1-800-687-4438

*Disclosure: Craig Wambolt, the owner and founder, is a relative of mine.

fyi – Mark Driscoll on Hour of Power Thursday, May 7 2009 

On June 14 Pastor Mark will be preaching live at The Crystal Cathedral for the Hour of Power program.
More information will be forthcoming…in the mean time please stay tuned to the Hour of Power website.

Another Mother’s Day book idea! Tuesday, May 5 2009 

In Enduring Justice, Hanna Kessler’s childhood secret has remained buried for over two decades. But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to destroy those she loves, Hanna must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her thoughts.

Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows what it means to get knocked down. And when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else.

A racist’s well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. When the attack turns personal, is healing still possible?

This thought-provoking novel deals with healing from sexual abuse, the balance of justice and mercy, and maintaining mixed-race friendships in the midst of racial tension. Readers who enjoy investigative thrillers by Dee Henderson, Colleen Coble, and Catherine Coulter, and who watch crime dramas like Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and Without a Trace will love this book—and the entire series.

Author Bio:

Amy Wallace is the author of Ransomed Dreams and Healing Promises, a homeschool mom, and self-confessed chocoholic. She is a graduate of the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy and a contributing author of several books including God Answers Moms’ Prayers and Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes. She lives with her husband and three children in Georgia.

Mothers Day is coming up! Monday, May 4 2009 

Mother’s Day idea…a book! Here is the summary:

“Every mom knows how communicating with a teenage girl can be difficult, even impossible at times. One-word answers. Defensive conversations. Daily arguments. How typical for teens to put up such barriers. All the while, moms truly long to know what their daughters really think.

Best-selling author Melody Carlson, whose books for women, teens, and children have sold more than three million copies, bridges this chasm with trusted insight. She speaks frankly in the voice of the teen daughters she’s written for and she tells it like it is: struggles with identity, guys, friendship, and even parents—it’s all here. The straight-talk to moms covers such things as “I need you, but you can’t make me admit it,” “I’m not as confident as I appear,” and “I have friends. I need a mother.”

Instead of focusing on outward behaviors, Dear Mom looks at a young woman’s heart and reveals to moms:

· how to talk to teens so they hear,

· how to connect despite the differences of perspective or years and experiences,

· and how strengthen the bond every mom and daughter ultimately wants.

The lively chapters in Dear Mom can be dipped into topically or used as a read-through tool by moms and daughters alike to understand what motivates or deflates, troubles or inspires—and just in time for Mother’s Day and all the Mother’s Days ahead.”

Author Bio:

Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of more than one hundred books for adults, children, and teens, with sales totaling more than three million copies. Beloved for her Diary of a Teenage Girl and Notes from a Spinning Planet series, she’s also the author of the women’s novels Finding Alice (in production now for a Lifetime-TV movie), Crystal Lies, On This Day, These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking, and A Mile in My Flip-Flops. A mother of two grown sons, Melody lives in central Oregon with her husband and chocolate lab retriever. She’s a full-time writer and an avid gardener, biker, skier, and hiker.image0021

Emergent Church… Sunday, May 3 2009 

For those of you who wanted a little more clarification on what the emergent church is; this video by Rob Bell sums it up:

A great response is available here: Blue Collar Philosophy

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