As someone who went to seminary and now works in finance this is a wonderful opportunity to hear from an educated and accomplished brother in Christ on the current financial meltdown. Dr. Paul Mills, who works for the International Monetary Fund, just spoke at Capitol Hill Baptist Church on The Financial Breakdown: A Spiritual Diagnosis.

Here are the slides from the presentation along with audio: The Financial Breakdown: A Spiritual Diagnosis


Paul Mills, International Monetary Fund

Having studied for a PhD in financial economics at Cambridge University, Paul Mills joined the UK Treasury in 1992. After periods in macroeconomic modeling and financial regulation, he specialized in government debt management, culminating in establishing the UK Debt Management Office in 1998. Paul remained at the DMO as head of policy and deputy CEO until returning to the Treasury in 2000 to lead policy sections managing the UK government’s balance sheet (debt, cash, and currency reserves) then financial stability and regulation. He joined the IMF in 2006 and has worked on global financial stability, the U.S. financial system, innovative risk transfer, climate change and financial markets, and Islamic finance. (