Gospel Ministry – Dr. Timothy Keller –

Acts 19:23-41

– “Manmade gods are no gods at all”

– Paul always took on and challenged the idols of the culture

– You cannot minister the Gospel in a life changing way unless you discern the idols of the culture, expose them, and destroy them

1) Discerning Idols

a. Idols are manmade gods

b. Acts 17

i. Verse 16 – Saw the city full of idols

ii. Went to the Agora (marketplace – Hollywood, Harvard, NYT)


c. Every culture not based on the Glory and Grace of God is based on idols

d. David Clarkson – vol. 2 – Soul Idolatry Excludes Man out of Heaven

e. “Anything in your life that is so central to your life that you cannot have a meaningful life if you lose it”

f. Could be family, children, achievement, relationship, beauty, money, politics, moral record, religiosity

g. “When you take a finite, limited thing…when you take a good and make it ultimate you make it an idol”

h. Business = Profit, Artists = Expression

2) Exposing Idols

a. “Manmade gods are no gods at all”

b. 3 Kinds of Idols to expose

i. Personal – Money, Romance, Children

ii. Religious – Truth, Gifts, Morality

iii. Cultural – Reason, Family, Politics

3) Destroying Idols – How do you not only expose, but destroy idols?

a. Idols are:

i. Empty and worthless

ii. Wield enormous power

b. Paul risked his life in order to defeat idols

c. Jesus gave his life to defeat idols – Colossians 2:15