What I have just read has instantly become my favorite book. I read it months ago when it was first released, however upon re-reading The Prodigal God I have been struck with a new love for this book and a renewed vision of our Lord Jesus as the perfect loving father. In this book Dr. Tm Keller does a commendable job of revealing the heart of God through the parable most commonly known as The Prodigal Son, from Luke 15:11-32.

I see this book as the perfect book to share with non-Christians and skeptics. As I think about leading a church, this is the book I would want to give to first time visitors because I think it deals with so many issues people have when approaching God. What a perfect book for casting a wonderful vision of who Jesus is.

As another note, Dr. Tim Keller’s other recent book titled The Reason for God is another wonderful book. This book is written to skeptics who find their skepticism based upon perceived intellectual reasons. Keller breaks down the arguments of those coming against Christianity followed by showing the Christian belief in it’s true light. I love this book and recommend it to anyone who feels deterred from the Christian faith for what they perceive as intellectual reasons. This book is like a modern day version of C.S Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

*For those who enjoy learning from Dr. Tim Keller there is no better resource than Steve McCoy’s site – Tim Keller Resources.