“Metaphorically Selling” was the response I received when I asked one of the top external wholesalers in my company what he would recommend for books on finances and sales. He felt this book by Anne Miller was as necessary for selling as a key is for starting a car (cheesey, I know but I am just getting started!). This book is all about metaphors and “how to use the magic of metaphors to sell, persuade, and explain anything to anyone.”

This book was great! Metaphorically Selling was very fun to read. It gave example after example of how a picture can explain a situation, idea, or product to someone far better than simply telling the facts. As someone who loves facts, this book really went against much of my way of thinking and helped me to see things the way so many others do. Already I have seen a difference in the way I talk, sell, and even preach!

Example: This week I was sharing with the youth group about a new series we have begun titled Set Apart. This series is about how as Christians we live in this world, but we are called to be set apart from it. I drew from the resources of this book, combined a conversation with my wife, and couple trial runs to come out with the following illustration about being set apart that I used in my message…
Imagine a raging river running down a hill, powerful and beautiful it can easily capture our attention. This river is like the world we live in, what the Bible refers to as the kosmos. As Christians we live in the world, we go to school in it, work in it, and play in it. However, we are to be different from it. It would be as if we were a huge boulder dropped right in the middle of the rushing river. We would stand out. Clearly when looking at the river everyone would notice the big boulder, however not only is the boulder in the river but it effects the river. The water rushing around it gets its’ direction moved and sometimes gets churned up. This can cause rapids. Our lives as Christians should effect those we live and work with. Hopefully our lives will not stand-alone though, as we effect those around us it is our prayer that they too will turn to follow Jesus. As more and more people come to faith in Jesus, the boulders can become so plenteous that soon they begin to create something like a dam. It is even possible that the river could change directions. As Christians we are to be in the world, yet set apart from it like a boulder in a rushing river.