One of the most influential books I read as a student in Bible college was Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer. As a big fan of Mark Dever I read his book with Packer’s in mind. Not fair! I know, however The Gospel & Personal Evangelism was a very good. It was a straight forward book that spoke clearly on the issue of evangelism and the need for Christians to live a life that is actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus with others. He explored the following questions chapter by chapter:

1. Why don’t we evangelize?

2. What is the Gospel?

3. Who should evangelize?

4. How should we evangelize?

5. What isn’t evangelism?

6. What should we do after we evangelize?

7. Why should we evangelize?

As our church enters 2009 it is a renewed focus to live outward lives that touch the community around us. One of the leaders was sharing with our church this Christmas season and he posed the question, “If our church was gone today, who would notice? Who would care?” 

This convicting question hit home with me and my own life. Who in my life would care if I was gone? Do I make an important impact at home, in church, or at work? I think it struck home for the church as a whole also. 

We bought (not up yet…it just links to the homepage) and as a body we are going to make a concerted effort to impact the local community, sharing the love of Jesus with all of those who we come in contact with.