As someone who works in the world of finance, I thoroughly enjoy reading about investing. Rocking Wall Street is one of those books. Recommended by John Mauldin in his weekly newsletter Thoughts from the Frontlines, a free newsletter I highly recommend for anyone interested in finance or world economics, this book is written by a former musician who found that as he became wealthy he needed to find the best ways to invest. 

What stood out to me in this book was the focus on an END GAME. Marks makes that case that nearly everyone invests endlessly trying to create more and more and more wealth. The reality is that people should invest with a goal, a number that will allow them to pursue the life that they want to live. Once they hit that number risk should be minimized in every possible way. The summary is that if a family needs $100,000 to live on they should aim for their goal of $2,500,000 and invest it in treasury bills at 4% per year. The family earns the income they need without the stress that it may all soon be lost, ie. the many people who lost everything investing with Bernie Madoff. The stress is not worth it. Have an end game in mind, a way out, and stick to the plan. 

Overall, the first two chapter of this book were thought provoking in a great way. The rest of the book was fine.