In an effort to catch up on the past week weeks I am going to post a summary of the books I have read so far this year, the most recent being Leading Change. This book has nothing to do with the new President or election, but is part of my reading assignments for Leading Organizational Change, a business class I am taking through Liberty University.

This was a good book. It was a dry read that told many seemingly simply ideas about changing an organization. Amidst much of the content were some great takeaways mainly focused on continually repeating the vision in a very simply manner to a vast number of people. Often times people will tell their vision at annual meetings and in bi-annual letters or reports. These often go unnoticed, however if the vision for change is intertwined into the everyday conversations of five or ten leaders of an organization the vision will reach far more people in a much more effective manner. 

Here is the outline Kotter put forth as best for optimal change:

1. Establish a sense of urgency

2. Creating the guiding coalition

3. Developing a vision and strategy

4. Communicating the change vision

5. Empowering employees for broad based action

6. Generating short term wins

7. Consolidating gains and producing more change

8. Anchoring new approaches in the culture