The past couple of weeks have yielded conversation after conversation revolving around life and the decisions we make. In each discussion I have had, each one starting on a variety of different issues,  has come back to the decisions we make and the age old biblical truths that permeate all of life, yet so often go unheeded. I personally know that if I sit down and for a moment draw my actions to their logical or reasonable conclusions the actions would become meaningless, foolish, and nonsensical. As I jump back on board here at City on a Hill blog after nearly a year long sabbatical my hope is to dive deeper into the decisions of everyday life, drawing the decisions we make so often to their logical conclusions whether that is biblical or not. What I have found in sitting with friends and spending time on these issues is that time and time again, while not setting out to provide biblical answers, the truths that become self evident are those espoused in the words of scripture. It is not my goal to think for the purpose of defending the Bible and a Christian approach to life, rather it is my experience that examining many of the decisions made on a daily basis would be far more profitable if they were made from a mindset that is foundationally Christian. 
Please join in on this thought journey, giving thoughts, questioning conclusions, and helping to add ideas to the decisions made by millions around the world each day. The following are just a couple of the ideas I hope to jump into over the next few weeks and months. Please add your own to this list so we can examine them together.
To wrap up, let me confess that I do not write from a point of righteousness or excellence in any way at all. I am a sinner through and through, saved and cleansed daily by the grace of God.