We aren’t judges, we’re witnesses.  We’re just as guilty as the next guy. We’re not trying to tell you that we’ve solved all our own problems and that we’re staying out of trouble.  We’re here to tell you that we’re all in trouble and we believe there’s only one way out of it.  We know where you’re coming from, because a lot of us have come from far worse places. We’re not knocking on your door on a Saturday morning because there’s a free kitchen appliance in it for us.  We are just asking you to have a real interaction with a stranger, a conversation about something other than what you did this weekend or how you got ripped off at the dry cleaners. We know you think we’re silly and ignorant.  We think you should know that not everyone thinks that of us.  We know you don’t want your life to change. We didn’t want ours to change either, but we wouldn’t take it back for the world.  We’re not here to tell you about hell, we want you to be with us in paradise.  This is not just our mission, but also our passion.  We see the hatred in the world and we know you see it too.  We’re not asking you to open your wallet, but to open up your mind and your heart.  We’re not selling bibles, we most likely have an extra one we’d be more than happy to give you.  We’re not trying to fill church pews, because we know that it’s not about what you do or who you are but what you believe.  We would rather share one earnest moment with you than see you sitting like a zombie in every Sunday morning service for the rest of your life.  We’re asking you to have faith not in us, but in the one truth that stands out in the midst of a confused world.  We are here on behalf of a man who died to save us all. We aren’t judges, we’re witnesses.  We are Christians taking the stand to testify about Jesus.  We hope that you are listening.