Last night Amanda and I went into Salem to pray for the city. We were prepared for deep spiritual warfare and spent the drive to the train stop praying. When we got on the train to take the short ride into Salem it was empty but for the next three stops crowds of people poured onto the train. Everyone was all dressed up and most of the people were young, between early teens to mid-twenties. As we set there it seemed as if we were removed from the trip. We just watched. And prayed.
As we neared Salem we were anticipating a demonic spirit to overwhelm us. We got off the train and started walking with the crowds of people towards downtown Salem. Masses of people were coming and going from all directions and it looked crazy from the outside. Then as we stepped off the stairs into the town and stood in the midst of the Halloween celebration of Salem we were not hit with a demonic spirit but instead, we felt overwhelmed by an atmosphere of death. Not death in the sense of killing but death in the sense of there being a void of life, people were not living, just walking – going through the motions.