This Fall I have had the opportunity to visit a many different churches. Most of these churches have been non-denominational but they have ranged greatly in how they do church. Some churches have a pastor who stands, teaches, and sits down trying to keep himself out of the spotlight while other pastors seem to bask in the glory of being on a stage. Some churches have big, very professional worship bands, others were very unprofessional and one led by mostly college students. This time of visiting many different churches has brought many, many questions up in my mind. The answer I have found to everything is, “How do we do church to bring the most glory to God?”

Should there be a lead singer in worship who seems to become the focus?
How should a worship service be arranged? Announcements, then music then preaching?
Why not lead forth with preaching and respond with worship and offering at the end?
Should a pastor sit on a stage? Should many pastors sit on a stage?
Should the band be on a stage?
Should we sing old songs, popular worship, or write our own new songs?
Should I sit in service for over an hour before preaching starts?
How many services should there be a week? Should it be the same message?
Should we have a “seeker sensitive” church that invited people in with a simple, feel good message? Should we have deep theological training on Sunday mornings?
How long should the sermon be? Fifteen minutes or an hour and fifteen minutes?
How long should a whole morning service go?
Should communion be taken on occasion or every Sunday?

And the list continues on…