It seems that I have heard the phrase “step out of your comfort zone” in sermon after sermon, conference after conference, youth retreat after youth retreat for my entire life this phrase has been repeated again and again. Attached to this phrase is almost always “…and do missions, even short term missions, in a foreign country and culture.” Personally I have traveled a good amount and experience everything from Brazil to Dominican Republic to London to Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and many more. All of these different cultures were completely different from mine in some ways and exactly the same in others. I experienced amazing things and surely got to know God in a much deeper relationship. However, the point I rarely hear is that we can step out of our comfort zones in our own lives right now, in our own families, at work, or in our cities. For me, doing evangelism is stepping out of my comfort zone. Going into Boston and walking up to strangers on the street is out of my comfort zone and surely challenges must of how I “normally” live my life. Let’s step out of our comfort zones where we are living right now and be witnesses for Christ here, now. Let us engage our culture for Jesus.