After spending the last couple months sharing the Gospel of Jesus with nearly one hundred people in the city of Boston we have come to the conclusion that the most effective way to reach people today might be through starting a conversation using a survey. This causes people to let their guard down while at the same time opening up the opportunity to share Jesus with people.
After talking last night we have decided that we should make a more official survey to make people feel more comfortable. A couple of times we have run into people who were happy to take a survey but became uncomfortable when we were writing our answers in our notebooks. We want to make it more official so please help up to find the best questions to ask people today. Ed Stetzer, missiologist and church planter, said that “we need to find the questions people are asking to which Jesus is the answer.” We need to research culture, find the questions people have, then sort through them and find the ones to which Jesus is the answer. These are the questions we want to ask people.

Here is what we have so far:
1) In terms of spirituality, what direction do you feel our culture is headed?
2) Agree the Bible is a “good” book, what is the most important thought or verse in the Bible?
3) Who is Jesus?
4) What does God require of you?
5) What are you looking for in a church and pastor?

Please share your ideas. Thank you.

*Title from Randy Newman’s book, Questioning Evangelism