“Grace is the last word.” As Jesus hung, dying on the cross he said, “It is finished.” He completed the payment for redemption and opened the doors to forgiveness to all who would receive of the free gift.

            On Saturday morning Pastor John Love (Chaplain of the New York Knicks, Youth Pastor of Greater Grace World Outreach, and the Grace Hour radio host) spoke at the Annual New England Fall Youth Rally. His message was on Grace being the last word, the ending to the book. Pastor Love said that the free gift of grace from God is exclusive to Christianity and is one of the aspects that sets Christianity apart from any other religion. We serve a God who forgives us based upon his own sacrifice and not our good works.

            Many people will hear this message of grace and say that we preach grace too much. People will live in sin as a result of knowing they can receive forgiveness. However, the truth is that grace compels us to follow Christ. Imagine a father who has lived life well and who loves his child more than anything. When the child does something that is wrong, the father doesn’t look upon his wrong doing, but instead encourages and loves him. Soon the child will learn that his father is not telling him what to do simply because he has authority, but because he has lived life well and can impart wisdom to his child. As a result of this realization the father becomes a guiding beacon for the child and the child’s trust begins to grow because he knows the words the father speaks are truth. This is a picture of the Christian life, a loving, all knowing and all powerful God with our best interests in mind. He commands us in what we should and should not do because he knows what is best for us. It is through his great grace that we learn and grow in faith and knowledge of our Lord and, as a result, our own lives. 


But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.


2 Peter 3:18