A few of us just returned from a young adults retreat on Lake Winnepauskee in New Hampshire. It was a wonderful time to enjoy digging into the Word as well as fellowshipping with old and new friends alike. Pastor Kevin Cooper, the Pastor of outreach for Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, came as the guest speaker and shared time at the pulpit with Pastor Doug Wambolt and Pastor Jim Morrison, both pastors at Greater Grace Christian Fellowship. Pastor Cooper is the pastor of outreach and evangelism for GGWO. He also serves as the co-Chaplain for the New York Knicks with Pastor John Love, Youth Pastor for GGWO as well as host of the daily radio program the Grace Hour.
Pastor Cooper led the weekend off on Friday night with a great sermon on Grace and Mercy. He said that as children of God we are now possess the gifts of grace and mercy. Sine we have received these two gifts we can now choose to apply them in our lives. He defined mercy as “not receiving what we deserve” and grace as “receiving that which we do not deserve.” In application this means that as sinners we deserve hell, instead God gives us mercy and by accepting it we do not need to go to hell. God does not only not give us hell but instead he goes beyond and through his grace he gives us eternal life in heaven.
Pastor Wambolt then spoke on the motivation of our lives. We either be led by earthly wisdom or heavenly wisdom, it is our choice. Wisdom from below would lead us into a life that seeks to please people, this life results in sin and following people, not God. Living life motivated by thoughts above leads us to a life of joy through obedience. As Christians we need to always choose to be motivated by eternal truths.
During the day on Saturday we enjoyed a great sermon from P. Doug in the morning then we spent the afternoon onpictures-303.jpg the water. We went out on a few boats and cruised around the lake enjoying the sun. We stopped at the sand bar and while some played volleyball others tried their hand at wakeboarding. Wakeboarding was a blast and before we knew it the afternoon was waning and we had to head back to camp.
On Saturday night Pastor Morrison came and spoke on God’s knowledge being all encompassing. So many times we think of God as god of the spiritual, or god of all theology but God is a hand’s on God and is God of all. He used Isaiah 28:23-29 where it speaks of God instructing the farmer.
Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We enjoyed a nice breakfast of French toast then went to have service in the barn. After we started a roaring first Pastor Cooper and Pastor Wambolt both gave sermons. It was weekend packed with the Word as well as some great fellowship. Many people came for their first time and a number of people received the Gospel who most likely had never heard the Truth before. It was a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Do not sacrifice the permanent on the alter of the immediate.
-Pastor Alpo, Finnish Missionary to Russia