As I wrote a few days ago, I am currently reading Above all Earthly Pow’rs by David F. Wells. There are a number of thoughts that have stuck with me. I have been thinking about these thoughts of Mr. Wells and how they apply to our lives, how they affect the way we live, and how these facts can be the barriers we come against in others as we live our lives on mission to effect people for Jesus.

above“…those who gaze at the computer screen by day and a television screen by night may feel awkwardly obsolete in church if there is not another screen on which to gaze.” p.23

How much of our lives is dictated by the life at our workplace? How often is our thinking changed from caring about other people to instead caring solely about results the immediate gratification we receive when something gets done correctly and promptly. Are we able to break away from the mindset we have all day, everyday at work and enjoy the opportunity we have to live free?

“The experience of our modernized world leads us to think of it not only as the absence of God, but as it turns out, the absence of human nature. This is no coincidence. The death of God is always followed by the death of the human being.” p.48
We see this reality as we live everyday. And it is sad. But there is hope.