A week ago was the most recent night we purposed to reach people in Boston. It wasn’t a purely evangelistic time, but instead was more of a feeling out of the culture. Jill, KC and I walked around the Copley and Newbury Street area. We talked with about twenty people over a period of a few hours. Of the twenty people, two said that they went to church. These two happened to be Christians who live in California and were just in Boston for a week to work. These guys were youth leaders at Desert Rock Church and shared their own realization of the spiritual desert that Boston has come to be.
Other than these two guys we had a number of conversations with people who never really thought much about their faith. There wasn’t one person who we met from Boston who went to church, or even seemed to care very much about their faith. We asked them “If you were to go to church, what would be most important to you?” We received a couple responses including community and acceptance, prayer, and a focus on God, but for the most part people seemed to be careless about their faith, no matter what it may be.