Google Trends

One cool tool my brother just showed me is Google Trends ( On this site you can find what cities in the world are searching most for a particular word or phrase. All you do is type a word or phrase into the search box and it will rank the cities which have searched most for it in order from #1 to #10. I tried a number of searches and found that Boston came up in the top 10 for the following searches:

#1 – “college”
#1 – “academic”
#2 – “vacation”
#2 – “medical”
#2 – “marathon”
#3 – “health”
#4 – “dane cook”
#5 – “literary”
#7 – “murder”
#8 – “college town”
#8 – “mutual funds“
#9 – “hope”
#9 – “frat”
#10 – “real estate”
#10 – “peace”

And of course –
#1 for “city on a hill”

This is a great tool for finding information out about your city, your faith, the world and just about anything else. A couple cool facts are that Lima, Peru searches the most for “Jesus,” Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, Australia took the top threee spots for most searches for “Christianity,” St. Louis, MO searches the most for “theology,” and Atlanta, GA searches the most for “faith.”